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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dear Spam

I know we all need jobs, some of us are drawn-into the corporate world, while others are there to scan the internet for email addresses so they can fill-up some innocent persons mailbox with viruses and crude messages...yes Spam, I am talking to you.

Really, I have no interest in "setting my wife on fire" or "enlarging" anything on my body (although, shrinking may be an option!) or even some celebrity's "triple-X video." So please, I beg of you...stop sending me emails.

And for those emailing me from far Asia...I do not speak Chinese, Korean or Japanese...please stop filling my box with languages I cannot understand.

You see, it all goes into my virtual trash can...before I even read it. So, stop sending me your messages Spam.

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Sheri said...

Ditto! Don't forget

Stepherz said...

My sentiments exactly! I get a bunch of those emails that say I've inherited millions of dollars from a relative in Zimbabwe. I mean, seriously. Zimbabwe?