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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Poopy Dilemma

Maybe I jumped the gun...maybe just a little.

Here is my dilemma, and I am sure there are other parents out there as frustrated -- if not more than we are. Everyday, Jelly goes to day care and everyday she stays dry (going to the potty - no problem)...but get her home for the weekend and it is like she has forgotten all about how to do it. But it isn't with the peeing that we have this problem...just the bowel movement.

I love being a parent, just because I can say bowel movement in a paragraph and no one thinks twice about it.

Anyway, my child has gone several times on the potty (both #1 and #2)...but lately she just won't do #2...she is even holding it in...which worries me. It is typical right? OR am I really going to lose all my hair due to frustration? Seriously, I would rather just turn gray!

Prayers for poopy on the potty are needed...


Stepherz said...

Well, gosh. Potty training is hard, but mostly because we want the kids to do it in our time instead of their time. I think, if you can, just relax and trust that nature is going to do what it does. She's GOING to learn to use that potty, but not a second before she's ready to. Just keep encouraging her and reminding her! You're doing a great job!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Carey - I don't know if it will help at all, but I did this potty training post about a year ago.

Good luck! Also, I should say about my post that the little boy "Joey" who was told he wasn't allowed in the public pool with diapers on was TOTALLY allowed into the pool in diapers! But he was nearing five years old at the time, nowhere near time to try something like that with your Jelly!

Sheri said...

My niece did the same thing. Do you think she might be constipated? I wouldn't put too much worry into it. She might feel too pressured.

Carey said...

Thanks...I will keep everyone updated on the progress!