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Friday, June 20, 2008

Moments to love

What makes being a parent so awesome? The moments you love and cherish forever...

The contagious laughter from tickling.
The sweet whispers of air in your ear.
The snuggle moments.
The "I love you mommy/daddy" for no reason at all.
The imagination that creates their incredible stories.
The independence they yearn and the dependence you yearn.
The silly songs they sing.
The faces they mimic.
The daily accomplishments you watch them make.
The innocence they have towards every thing and creature and human being.
The quiet time right before bed while reading a book.
The moments that they are peacefully sleep.

These are just some of the moments I about you?

1 comment:

MB said...

The way she spells her name... "Ellie" is E-Y-CUZ-CUZ-I. Yes acording to her "CUZ" is a letter and it is after ...H-I-J-CUZ-L...
Or the fact that she swims with dolphins at school and her favorite princess is Snow Wipe.
Or she can make me smile and scream and smile within 60 seconds.
Or her empathy and caring towards everything big and small.
Or her wonder for the world around her.