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Friday, March 28, 2008

Sow a seed

There is something about having your very own garden. You know exactly what you used to make it grow and it also is a great learning experience for your little ones. I remember my parents garden growing up, picking and eating tomatoes, green peppers, and strawberries fresh off the vines.

This year we decided to try a small garden on our deck. Couple reasons why we chose the deck. 1. Nature's animals can't reach it...well at least the deer and bunny rabbits.

2. It will be easier for Jelly to watch grow.

So, we bought packets of seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots. And then we bought little pods to plant each of the seeds. (I never knew these things existed!) Jelly put the seeds in the pods and water them everyday and voila we have baby plants that we will soon transfer to bigger pots and place them on our deck. And if plenty of sun and water we will have a little garden like when we were kids.

So for this weekends steals and deals...visit Lowes or Home Depot or a local garden center and grow your own veggies, saving yourself a couple of bucks at the grocery store! And of course teaching your little one the importance of how to sow a seed and watch it grow.

Have a Happy Weekend.

1 comment:

Shawn said...

I was thinking of doing this very thing as well since we're planning to move and won't be here to reap the rewards of a real garden. Thanks for the inspiration!