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Friday, February 15, 2008

Special Edition: A day in the life of Tobee, the fat cat

Here it is, the day after one of the most-hyped hallmark seasons of the year, but more importantly, the day after my birthday…which for the past 10 years, my owners have yet to deliver my very own personal “mouse” cake (not to be confused with "mousse" cake)…they did however feast on their chocolates and sweets - right in front of me - without sharing a single bite…only prompting me to walk between their legs, attempting to make them trip and fall -- hoping to snatch-up a single crumb. My efforts failed.

So I crawled in desperation to my usual spot - a worn left-over box from Christmas - hard but cozy warm. I curled-up in my usual position and began to nap innocently - while the short human taunts me with some sparkly-wand-type-thing…if only I could ignore her long enough she might just go away. Ahhh finally peace and quiet.

Soon I would be woken by the two tall humans yelling and the shorter one crying…something about blue pen and the couch.
Ah yes, this could be my chance, for once it is something I didn’t do, time-out little one, time-out! I’ll eat her sweets – throw them my way, purrrrr - meooow. I am King of the world! Nope - no such luck, they are too angry today.

What was that smell? It wasn’t dinner, it wasn’t my litter box -- EWWWW.…what was the tall human spraying on the couch? Hairspray? Ahhh, and what was that…rubbing alcohol? Yuck…nothing quite kills the appetite like the smell of these human products!

Time to retreat to my favorite spot in the basement by the fire to warm my old bones, maybe next year they will remember, maybe next year they will allow me to indulge in just one sweet treat. Oh well...Happy Birthday to me.
PS - The tall human was somewhat successful in cleaning the couch, all but a few shades of blue are showing...but - my paws are clean!

Happy Weekend!

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MB said...

The life of a pet... I am so jealous sometimes, wait make that most of the time!!
PS- You better give that cat a treat or a sweet... he is a spiteful one!!

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday Tobee! Not even a treat on your special day?
Has baby bean been taking lessons from Grace? She drew on the couch and a chair this week. Tip: Ikea slipcovered furniture!

Bastet said...

Yes, Tobee did get a treat. ;)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Dear, dear, dear!!!!! Glad the ink came out!