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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The circle of life

Do you remember that movie Multiplicity? You know with Michael Keaton...where he clones himself so that he can accomplish everything he needs to? Have you figured out where I am going with this?

Jelly bean has decided that only Mommy can do it. In the morning Hubby goes in to get Jelly up...NO, mommy do it!

Hubby takes Jelly to the bathroom...NO, mommy do it!

Hubby talks to Jelly...NO, mommy talks to me!

I literally need 10 clones of myself to get myself ready and Jelly ready in the morning.

So, where is the Super Nanny when you need her?

I pick Jelly up at day care and she ignores me...long gone the days when her eyes lit up and she ran yelling "Mommy!" It now takes us 20-30 minutes to leave. I have even tried bribes...but she doesn't want to leave. I started to grow concerned until I realized, in the morning she doesn't want to go to school. Nothing against home or school, she is just trying to be an independent 2 year old.

Hubby and I talked about it, and both of us thought "were we like that?"

No, not us...ehem, until I chatted with my mom one day. Laughing she said, "Yes, that is exactly how you were."

Ahhh, yes, the circle of life...

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InTheFastLane said...

Oh yes...Jack Jack doesn't want to go to grammy's and fights me getting into the car, yet in the afternoon he doesn't want to leave grammy's and fights me getting into the car. sigh.

Jozet at Halushki said...

LOL! Ah mother has cited numerous times when my children have proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be my own: from first laughs to first temper tantrums to the first time they refused to eat a vegetable.

It's me all over again.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Well she's happy at day care at any rate! Good luck on the cloning thing! :-)

Sheri said...

The things that are genetic lol. At least she is happy at daycare. But, bad for you in the mornings.