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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cover your sneeze please...

How many more weeks until Spring? Not that I want to wish away time, but
seriously, this being sick stuff...has worn-out its welcome stay. Jelly is fighting infection number 2, in the past 2 weeks (flu?), I am working on fighting a cold of some sort. I just want to open up the windows and kick the bugs out!

I don't know if it is the flu or common cold, but according to the doctor's having kids in day care means more bugs. And to top that, if your child has allergies they tend to hold onto these bugs longer. Are we having fun yet? But wait, there is not really, but I thought that sounded good.

There are ways to prevent your children from getting any number of illnesses throughout their lives, by immunizing and of course proper hand-washing. I am not a big supporter of shots, personally I hate needles, but I do believe that you should be immunized for things that can cause major life-threatening outbreaks...measles, hepatitis, meningitis, and other dangerous diseases. I just think that these are the first line of defense that you can provide your child (besides putting them into a bubble). But things like the flu...I do have trouble with. Each year, scientists guess which of the 3 strains of the flu virus are going to circulate across the country. (I don't know if this is done through a lottery or a simple (Let's see who remembers this...)Bubblegum, bubblegum, In a dish, How many pieces, Do you wish?1,2,3!). The past three years, they have been wrong. Well, at least they can admit it.

I understand that the flu virus is dangerous to the very young and very old and is a hassle for the rest of us...but if we can't predict the strain, why do we continue to pump ourselves with it?
I have had the flu, as a child and while attending college...and I will be the first to say, it sucked. But I still won't take the shot. And as for my child, (even though I trust my doctors opinion and think she is one of the best doctor's out there)...I just won't do it. How can I honestly make my daughter take the flu shot when I don't?

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1 comment:

Sheri said...

You know every single year that I would get the flu shot, I would get a horrible case of the flu. So, I stopped getting them. I didn't get one for Grace either. They don't work! Plus it is the only one left with thimerosal in them.
Gosh, I hope she feels better soon. Poor baby.