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Sunday, January 6, 2008

You take the good and you take the bad

I really enjoyed growing up in the 80's...Mtv debuted in 1981, and it played music all day, everyday. Great music artist, Michael Jackson and Madonna ruled the charts (and even though rebellious, looking back they were ok role models for kids, ok, compared to Britney.) The 80's consisted of baggy and preppy clothing, charm bracelets and friendship bracelets, big hair and make-up. Ahhh, twenty years later here we are...who would have guessed how so much could affect my parenting style of today?

In the 80's, there were the Facts of Life, Family Ties and the Cosby Show. Remember how crazy the Huxtables were? Yeah, I think I learned a lot from that show.

You see, my little Jelly bean is a little actress...she likes to sing and dance in public, ignore people to get attention and act like a temperamental 16 year old. (Like any other 2 1/2 year old, right?)
Her latest skit when she doesn't agree with what Hubby or I asks of her, she demands, "NO! GOOD BYE!" and turns herself around, arms folded (like Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care), and chin up.

Well, I thought, "Gee, I better nip this one in the bud." But not wanting to draw too much attention, I said to her, "That isn't a very nice thing to say, I don't think you would like it if I left." And later, she tried her skit again. This time she said, "GOOD BYE, MOMMEEE!" So, I got up and walked to the front door, opened it and shut it, (pretending to walk out). Let her cry just a little and opened the door and closed it again. And came back. I said, "Are you done?" and she hasn't done it again since.

Sometimes we need a little Cosby in our lives.

And sometimes you just have a theme song playing in your head!

You take the good, You take the bad, You take them both and there you have the facts of life. The facts of life.

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MB said...

Well played-B, but now you have me wanting a Jello Pudding Pop!!

Bastet said...

mmm...pudding pops!

toddlerdaddy said...

We tried a similar trick with our toddler once, only she called our bluff. In the end I had to hide in my room for about 15minutes otherwise she would have realised I wasn't serious.

Same when you ask her if she wants to get a smack for being naughty - she laughs, says yes and bends over.

Serious trouble ahead is what I see

Bastet said...

Toddlerdaddy...Thankfully she didn't like this one, but who knows what tomorrow will bring! LOL!