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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Making the world a better place

I try not to get into political conversations, as to not offend anyone, but the topics these days - besides my conversations on poopy diapers and 2-year-old tantrums - are quite limited.

We could discuss the whole Britney Spears disaster...but I think that she has done enough damage on her own. And it really needs to be put to rest.

I would rather skim the topic of politics, just because it is something I am very passionate about and hope that my daughter carries the same passion that I do, someday.

I don't know if I ever missed a primary or election day vote, being able to voice my opinion at the polls is something that I do with great respect and pride...Adding the 19th amendment to our Constitution did not come easily. Women had to fight for political equality...Exactly why I am so passionate about voting.

We are now less than a year away from having either another Republican or a new Democrat in office...As each primary or caucus passes, the selection gets thinner. The media is already pushing their agenda on who they want as the front runners, but this isn't their choice to decide. I hope that many will take advantage of the internet and read newspapers from all over the region, check out all the candidates websites, read blogs...Be informed and know what the candidates stand for...

This isn't about you or is about our children. I know I want my little girl to grow up in a safe world, I want her to be able to breathe air that isn't polluted, I want her to be able to afford a good life, and I want her to see a world that is capable of peace.

I know that many of you have the similar convictions (Iowa and NH have proven that!) and hope that we all take the time to voice our votes in the Primary...I know it sounds cliche, but exercise your right and get out and vote!

And because many of you are probably wondering who I will be supporting in the Pennsylvania Primary...that would be John Edwards. I have been following him since 2004 and truly believe that his ideas are aligned with my hopes, I wholeheartedly believe that he has the best interest of America in mind. I encourage all to visit his site and find out more about his cause.

But don't stop there, read the polls and look beyond traditional media...and then stand-up for who you believe in, by casting your ballot. Because as the primary is proving...every vote counts!

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AZMom said...

I have no idea who I am going to vote for. In all honesty, I don't really like any of the candidates and my vote will go to whomever I think will cause the least amount of damage. Sad!

MB said...

Dag-on-hippie-tree-huggin'-troop-hatin'-liberal, all those republicans want to do is raise taxes and pass some of those stop-global-warming laws that are going to just keep all of us from buyin' guns!!! Ha, ha!! Just kidding... I just became a resident (aka- got my license) in MD so I can vote in February and what a coincidence... Edwards has my vote too as long as he doesn't go on a crack binge or rent out some whores... Hey Dol-i-ol-io!

MB said...

Sorry I meant Democrats... I was having too much fun on my rant... sorry!!! Dole!

willow said...

Who are you callin' a tree-huggin hippie liberal, mb? Hee, hee--guilty as charged! (except not the troop hating part, of course)

I like Edwards myself. I also like Obama, so I'm torn. Since PA's primary is so late, it's possible the race will be sewn up by then, and I might consider casting a symbolic vote for Kucinich, specifically because of his plan for universal health care.

Bastet said...

I kind of like that "Dag-on-hippie-tree-huggin'-troop-hatin'-liberal," Kidding! I have so much appreciation for our troops, but it is time to come home.

I am glad you are all planning on voting...because that is really what it is about...oh and woman's lip...ehem...lib! LOL!

Shawn said...

I figure any of the lefties will head us back into a better, safer and more peaceful direction. I, personally, however feel it is time to see a woman do the job. I just know it needs to be tried.