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Friday, January 11, 2008

Painting the world green - WSD

I guess while I am on my political kick, I may as well push a little further and go all green on you.

Going Green seems to be the new hip thing. Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that it is all the rage...I just hope it sticks longer than Britney's last boyfriend. (I couldn't help myself!)

So, in this weeks edition of WSD, we are painting the world green...

Hubby's hobby is Astronomy and he talks about light pollution every evening as we drive see, before telescopes man had to use his eye to study the stars. And that was before there were street lights and industrial lights and so on...I never heard of light pollution before Hubby explained this to me. Light pollution makes us not be able to see everything that we possibly could with the naked where am I going with this rant? Turn off your lights when you aren't in the room! And when you are use eco-friendly bulbs. And maybe you'll even save a few dollars on your electric bill.

My brother and his family live in probably the most Green state there is...literally, Vermont. And when they were visiting, my niece who by the way is 10, walked around my house saying..."There's a phantom, there's a phantom, and another one..." Hubby, intreged asked, "what is a phantom." I thought it was some Zen thing...Nope. Having things plugged in that aren't in use are power phantoms. So if you aren't using it, unplug it! Like televisions, radios and coffee pots. Again save a dollar or two on your electric bill...Thanks SJ!

And for more tree-hugging tips check out the Green Guide...its good to be green.

Happy Weekend!

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mb said...

Use kitchen towels and cloth napkins and save some trees and landfill space! Also, use totes instead of disposable grocery bags and along with the above bonuses lots of stores will knock some $ off your bill!!

Bastet said...

Great tips...thanks for sharing! ;)

Jill said...

I was subscribed to a whole being green blog, greening mind, but I tried to link to it & couldn't find it. Not sure what happened. :-(

Bastet said...

sounds cool, I will look for it.