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Friday, January 4, 2008

WSD - Taste Denial

So here it is January 4th, 4 days into the new you feel as if so many things are staring you in the face? You can flip through the "annual lose weight in January Ad campaigns" and you can run past the mirrors all you want, but when you put those pants on - you know the ones that used to need a belt to hold them up - but now they must have suddenly shrunk in the dryer (cause there is no way I could have gained that much weight, right?). And all you hear in your mind is "I tried to hold back, but those cookies...I worked so hard to make those cookies, someone had to eat them!" Then the pies, the is a never ending story! And so you ask, Bast, how is your "Eat healthy, Be healthy" plan going...well...ehem...its not.

But as I try to accept the fact that I am far from perfect...I honestly take it all in stride. Today is a new day and I can start over. (This concept actually helped me lose 10 pounds back in the Summer/Fall.) I gave myself one day a week to splurge...It seemed to work, well, until Christmas. So, for this Weekend's Steals and Deals I am jumping on the Diet bandwagon...only I prefer to call it my little "Eat healthy, Be healthy campaign."

I have joined Self Magazine's latest challenge, mainly because I like the recipe ideas (I am all about quick and easy ideas that my child will eat.) In my inbox I found a recipe for whole wheat pancakes...well, I already do this so I guess I am a little a head of the game. But because the whole wheat flour can make the pancakes a little dry, I usually only use 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 regular flour. The same with pasta...and no one notices the difference!

While catching up on the latest news via the internet, I stumbled over this book called, "Eat this, Not that." And discovered many mistakes I was making in my food choices, like my love for chicken Caesar salad...900 calories! What was I thinking? I never even thought that the calorie content would be that could just be taste denial (you know when you like something, you don't want to hear how bad it is for you...taste denial). And who knew that an egg mcmuffin is a better choice than a bagel? Really? And my biggest mistake is the 1,000 calorie pop into the nuker and eat pot pies...the worst thing you could possibly eat (according to the book) (and exactly what I just ate the other night.) I have some catch-up reading to do...the book also provides a list of things you should strive to eat everyday, (and it doesn't include chicken nuggets and fries -- the pinnacle of my toddlers diet).

Ahhh, now back to my frozen strawberries. mmmm refreshing and sweet! And very few is a better day!

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MB said...

You mean to tell me that cheesecake isn't good for me? Ha ha... I am trying to get my family to eat better (like pulling teeth!) I have switched to brown rice and narrowed down the meals to only starch/ meal... baby steps. One thing I have really liked is a black beans and tomatoes in the morning... good for you and fills you up and you are not hungry an hour later! I know, I know, odd but worth a try!

Andrea said...

I think I read part of that book during one of my Barnes & Noble adventures. Now I only eat burgers on special occasions, not to mention several other foods I steer clear of with my limited food knowledge. The biggest kicker for me - high fructose corn syrup. It's in EVERYTHING!

Bastet said...

Black beans in the morning...I think I will stick to my Black coffee! LOL!

I have successfully cut back on much of the sweets I used to eat, (while preggers)...but I tend to eat things I never did the Caesar salad.

toddlerdaddy said...

The hardest thing I find is trying not to steal all the chocolates off our toddler Little Miss that she got over Christmas in stockings etc.

You see we only allow her one a day and she got dozens of them, so they are just sitting there in the cupboard taunting me - life can be cruel.

Good luck with it all.

Bloggrrl said...

I've been hearing a lot about that book. I don't want to buy it because I'd probably sit down and eat some Doritos while I was reading it...

Good luck with the Self Challenge. That is something I am thinking of doing myself.