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Friday, January 18, 2008

Safety Travels - WSD

There is nothing more important than keeping your child safe.

As parents we baby-proof everything, lock-up the meds and cleaning solutions, we put rubber bumpers on our coffee tables and gates at the stairs. We even make sure our car seats are up-to-date and secure...Or we should.

Did you know that in each state the child safety seat laws vary? In Pennsylvania, a child between the age of 4-8 is required to be in a booster seat, or else you could risk a $100 fine. And right over the boarder in Maryland, all children younger than 6 years or under 40 lbs are required to be in a child safety seat...Be sure to know the laws within the states that you travel.

But what about installing a seat properly? The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers some tips on installing baby seats to booster seats. And then when you are done, you can drive yourself over to a free child safety seat check. And if that isn't enough for you, be sure to check out Safe Kids Worldwide, they have tips and free safety seat checks too. And if you can't find a location near you...State police are usually trained to help, just give their office a call.

I know when we installed our car seat the first time, we didn't do such a great job...but we went to the car safety check, they fixed the seat and showed us how to properly install it and adjust the straps...they also covered other car safety like - did you know that a tissue box in the back seat could kill you instantly? Yeah, pretty scary.

So this weekend, double check that car seat...there is no reason not too, cause it is free!

Have a Happy and Safe Weekend!

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Sheri said...

We have been to the safe kids inspections 3 or 4 times. Each time we have done something wrong. Also, the window shades, toys hanging on the carseat, and mirrors attatched to the seat to see your child are all very dangerous. We were guilty of some of these things. I wish I could say that my car is free of things that could become missles in an accident but it isn't. Thanks for the reminder to clean out my car.

Bastet said...

I think our cars probably all need to be cleaned out, after one day it is amazing how my daughter has turned the backseat into a "toy box."

Kellan said...

Alexis is six and she still rides in a booster seat even though she weighs enough probably be without one. Thanks for this info. - it is so important. Have a good Sunday - Kellan