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Sunday, January 20, 2008

For Kicks and Giggles...or not.

We visited with my parents this weekend...we were on our way home from a birthday party and decided to stop in.

It was a nice parents ordered pizza and we talked and Jelly bean was in that...lack-of-nap-crazy-silliness-state. Running around giggling, she runs up to Grandpa (who is lying on the floor) and kicks him in the face.

I couldn't believe my eyes...although I knew it was true because my ears heard it plain as day. I quickly took a hold of her and sternly said, "We do not kick, kicking hurts, go give grandpa a gentle touch and say sorry." she said, "no" and then Niagara falls began pouring out of her eyes. Nothing like having to place your child in time-out when she is extremely tired.

And did I mention that grandparents are the worst in making you feel guilty? Ah, yeah. "But she is tired, don't punish her, she didn't mean it." my dad said.

"And if I said as a child, but dad I am tired and cranky, would you have skipped my punishment?" I replied...and he laughed. Oh how they forget!

Jelly bean finally came out of time out, but wouldn't apologize (we are having some issues with this lately.) but we had to go home and go to bed.

She gave both Mimi and Grandpa a kiss and hug bye, but still no sorry.

In the car, I told Jelly, "I am very disappointed. Kicking hurts. Grandpa is sad." and she said, "No, leave me alone." And I did.

A few minutes later in the back seat we heard,

Jelly: "Mommy. Where's grandpa?"

I said: "At home."

Jelly: "I didn't get to say sorry."

Me: "Would you like to call him?"

Jelly: "Yes."

And we did.

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Sheri said...

AWW! What a happy ending. So sweet.
Even though grandpa was kicked in the face. lol

toddlerdaddy said...

Isn't amazing how they can be horrible for most of the day (and let's be honest they all are somedays) and then they just say one cute thing and all is forgiven - I wish I got of out trouble that easily lol

Shawn said...

Aw! You're doing a great job with her!

Bastet said...

Thanks, don't we all wish we could be forgiven so easily! LOL.

Bastet said...

Oh, and Grandpa is doing fine. ;)