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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When is number 2 coming?

This past Christmas I heard the dreaded question. The one that all mother's who have
reached the 2-year point after giving birth of their first child, "When is number 2 coming?" Which, I have to say, I have been pretty fortunate so far I haven't been asked the question too much...if at all. And the only reason I dread it is, I can't just make myself pregnant, I can't just make a baby magically appear (DUH!). Seriously, some have the ability to get pregnant on the first try, but that would not be us -- it takes lots of work and practice (really!). With Jelly bean, it took around 9 months, 9 months of the ups and downs...9
months of pure hormonal craziness -- poor Hubby.

I swear this time will be different.

We decided to take our first step (maybe that would be second step) and start trying for baby number 2. So this past summer I went off the pill, started taking prenatal vitamins, and received my go ahead in November with the, "go and have some fun!" pep talk from my OBGYN.

Not everyone is aware that we are trying. (SURPRISE!) But there is a lot of
speculation..."She only had soup the other day..." (I know - what does that
have to do with it? Apparently pregnant woman only eat soup. LOL. So be
sure to have something else with your soup or people might begin to think,
"She must be pregnant.") ;)

I can't complain too much, we conceived faster than some and on the national average, we are considered "normal"...But you see I am what some consider "Type A" personality...something to do with wanting too much control over things that we sometimes can't control. Hmmm, I guess it is good to know your own faults. LOL.

My point is, Type A's typically end up frustrated and disappointed more times than not, although determined we keep trying. But it really can be that emotional roller coaster at times. Hubby is more Type B, which is probably why he can tolerate me so well. He is laid back and enjoying the process (which not too many men would need their arms twisted to participate in baby-making) LOL! But he keeps me grounded...and that is why I love him so very much.

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Jill said...

Good luck for it to go quickly and easily!

Sheri said...

It took us 5 very long years to get pregnant the first time. I was a mess. This time it happened by accident and I was not ready . Guess I can't win either way. lol
I know it is hard to be patient. Good luck!

Bastet said...

Thanks, I appreciate the well wishes.

MB said...

I say... Have fun practicing!!!

toddlerdaddy said...

I love the optimism about it being easier to cope this time around.
All I can say is good luck as I know that while we are better able to handle somethings, in other areas we are probably worse off.
And I think we are getting even less sleep this time around :(