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Friday, December 14, 2007

WSD - Crafty ideas!

Only 11 more days until Christmas are you ready yet? Presents - check, Cards in mail - check, cookies made - negative. This WSD will be purely dedicated to some wonderful, from the heart, homemade listen up Martha Stewart wannabes, grab your mixers and sewing machines, you have 11 days until the big exchange.

My dad always goes easy on me for his gift (but don't tell him that), he likes when I bake cookies, particularly the "Neiman Marcus cookies." You know, the famous recipe that has been forwarded for years via email? I first found this recipe while in college, a high school friend forwarded it to me. I thought it sounded good and tried it. My dad got a kick out of me making a mess in the kitchen and myself (probably an understatement), there was flour everywhere! My knuckles where bleeding from "shredding" chocolate bars and my arms were tired from the pounding of the nuts. And after the blood, sweat and tears...I made the million (ok, $250.00) dollar cookie...and it was pretty good.

If you too would like this cookie, here is a link to the recipe I use (via the email) or try the one that Neiman Marcus published as their recipe And if your not a fan of those, no problem there are plenty at the Christmas cookies site.

So, now that your tummy's are full of delicious treats, why not something for your furry friends?

After wrapping your packages for under the tree, why not decorate it with an ornament rather than a bow? I made these candy cane bead ornaments one year, or something easier (and almost homemade) for your little toddler to handle are these cute snowflakes.

The snowman and snowflakes were the foam cut-outs (pre-cut) and I bought glitter glue (with a brush on the inside) and Jelly bean painted them. After they dried I punched a hole in them, and put a silver pipe cleaner through it.

I received a dish towel angel last year and thought it was darling. I don't know if it was purchased that way or the person made it,but it is really cute...and what a great idea!
Happy crafting...

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Jill said...

Yike - only 11, huh? Oh well - one more week until winter break!!!!!!!!!!!