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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santa the monster!

We're in trouble. Santa is a monster to my two and half year old...or she just can't imagine some old fat guy coming down the chimney after she goes to sleep. I mean, who thought this up anyway? Take away the pretty red suit and the toys and what do you get? Ok, don't answer that question...

Instead of Hershey Christmas Candy Lane (too expensive, at least for a two year old to enjoy), we took a road trip to Bernville, PA to Koziar's Christmas Village...This was perfect! Jelly bean is really into the lights this year, and it hit the spot. I highly recommend it for small children and if you can, go early...traffic after 6pm was backed for miles to get in.

But while we where there, we stopped in to see Santa...

Jelly bean was very excited, from a distance.
"What are you going to tell him you want?"
"Um, Cheez and Rackers, Moosic, and toys!"

And as the kid in front of us got off Santas lap,
"Ok, it's your turn, let's go sit on Santa's lap."
"Can mommy sit with you?"
"How will he know what to bring you?"
"I dun wanna."

At about 5 feet away...
"I saw Santa!" she said excitedly.
"Yes, you did."

And the next day...
"I dun want Santa to come."
"But then there will be no music, cheese and crackers or toys?"
"I dun want him to come."
"Ok, well I guess we will have to cancel Christmas."
Jelly bean reaches and clasps my face with her little hands, looking very serious, "Mommy, he can come see you, kay?"

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MB said...

How cute!! Maybe she will see mommy kissing Santa Clause???

Bastet said...

hmmm, maybe?

Jill said...

CUTE! When Cassie was two I took her to see Mickey Mouse for the opening of the Disney store in the mall. She LOVED Mickey at the time & spend the entire hour or however long it was wait in line singing Mickey's praises. But as soon as we got close she burst into tears & wouldn't go anywhere near him!

Bastet said...

Funny. When we go to Hershey Park, Jelly does the same thing. The Giant moving candy bars really frighten her. LOL. said...

Very cute indeed. We have kind of skirted the old Santa comes down the chimney thing by merely claiming that Santa visita sn leaves presents.
Then on Christmas day I get to dress up as 'Santa Daddy' and sit down to hand out a present or two and try and eat breakfast with a huge white fake beard on....

Bastet said...

Toddlerdaddy -- that is a great idea, although I can't see my hubby dressing up as Santa! said...

This makes perfect sense to me. I'm surprised that more kids don't feel the same way. When I was a kid, my mom could never get a picture of me with Santa Claus, because no way was I going to go and sit on that strange guy's lap!