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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ah, my shopping is almost (it really never seems done) wrapped up. Which is a relief from last year's chaos!

So because I am very relaxed this year and no toilets are calling for a cleaning (LOL, it is hard to write sarcasm), in my internet addiction, I found this cool shopping site. It is called Jellyfish. It is very similar to eBay, you look for a product and place bids. Adrenaline Rush - need I say more?

The other night I was on this bidding match called, "Smack Shopping." I watched 3 nice LCD Flat screen TVs go for almost 40% off the retail price. Oh how the husbands might like this! So much better than any Black Friday deal - at least this years. The manufacturer sends it directly to you...which is nice and I believe that shipping and taxes are all included in the discounted price...And there are some other cool benefits too. Be sure to check it out!

Happy Weekend everyone!


Jill said...

Wowee. Hannukah starts in like five days and I have yet to start my shopping. Technically I can shop DURING the holiday since it's 8 days long...

Bastet said...

8 days of presents...I was always jealous of my Jewish friends! Have a Happy Hannukah!

toddlerdaddy said...

How can you almost be finished shopping? I haven't even started, I have no idea what I am going to buy and I currently have no money - a receipre for an interesting Christmas.

So I will just go with what has worked for me previously - hit the shops 2 hours before they close on Christmas eve and don't even blink until I have something for everyone.

Pressure always brings out the best in me

Bastet said...

I used to procrastinate, however, I have so much to do the weekend before Christmas...I try to buy early in the year...but that never works out completely either.

My husband also says I am never completely done...