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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


On December 1st, it will be the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Unbelievable! Good Morning America is looking for people to send videos of their dance versions of Thriller.

Scary thing (Gosh, I am about to show my age.) but I actually performed my version of Thriller in my front of my 4th grade class, for extra credit. Yes, my teacher was desperate to help be pass Math, I was more than willing to take it.

Regardless, I will not be submitting my version to GMA, mainly because I don't have it on video (thank goodness!)...being known as the girl who could do the "moonwalk" is torture enough.


Oh, The Joys said...

Please oh please won't you post it!!??

Bastet said...

LOL! I only have it forever engraved in my memory. ;)

Shawn said...

Yes, you need to post it.

Funny post. That was my very first album as a kid.

Andrea said...

Funny, you would have expected the video to come out around Halloween, no?

I'm sure if the video existed, it woudl be hilariouse!

Mary Beth said...

You need to teach Jellybean the moonwalk then take her to a reunion and show her off. Then she will forever known as the daughter of the girl who could moonwalk!! Ha ha
BTW- Definatly post the clip, I am sure it is a must see!!

Bastet said...

Shawn, mine too.
Andrea, yeah I never knew it was released right before Christmas, strange!
Mary Beth - Yes, I will get right on that! ;)

Jill said...

I thought all the girls could do the moonwalk!!!!!!! Funny that was for math credit & 25 years?!?!?!?! Hard to believe!

Bastet said...

With all the response on this, I feel like I should do a little moonwalking...stay tuned!