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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holiday bells are a ringing...

With Hanukkah less than 2 weeks away and Christmas 5 weeks away, consumers (like me) are trying to get the holiday shopping done or maybe started. I have found myself wondering...what are the hot toys this season?

Just from my few purchases online and browsing through the stores, My suggested hot item is the little Tykes camera (for boys and girls) - it is selling out online like hot potatoes. And a little advice...I bought mine on Amazon (free shipping at a cost of $39.00) compared to Little Tykes ($50.00 price with S&H and taxes) around if you can.

What do you think is the "Hot" Toy for 2007?


Kellan said...

My kids are mostly older and all want the xbox360 of the Wii or Ipods - I wish I was still buying the Little Tykes toys - those were to good ol' fun toys days! Take care = Kellan

Bastet said...

This is a fun stage...I enjoy the pretend kitchen and building with blocks. ;)