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Friday, November 30, 2007

Poopy ideas

Some say that all parents of toddlers talk about is poop and vomit...I agree.

A couple weeks ago I gave you our vomit story (which by the way, my daughter is completely obsessed with..."Mommy, my doll throw-up." And after we watched a blurb of Shrek 3, "Shrek baby throw-up." can't tell how many times I have heard that! LOL) So now is my time for my poop story. My daughter has been doing pretty well on the potty, she goes when we are out, she goes at school and is in a good routine at home. We even managed to poop on the potty. Progress! No. Now my daughter has always had constipation issues...sometimes she will go once everyday, sometimes she will wait a full week. Of course by day 3 I am completely freaking out. I am forcing raisins, prunes and pears down her throat. Which she hates. I even tried hiding it in her favorite foods. Our doctor even gave us stool softener for in her juice or water.

Toddlers are always tough to get things into...they sometimes develop favorite foods, like mac and cheese and chicken nuggets (Jelly bean's staples), and will pick and play when they eat. Which never helps the not going poo poo ordeal.

Jelly bean's issue is pure control, she has to go, but won't. But what I can't figure out is why. We never pressure her on the potty or to go potty. We do give her plenty to choose and control in other areas. We always offer fruit and vegetables at meal times. I just can't figure out where we are going wrong. So here is my plead...Someone please offer me something to remedy this!


Jozet at Halushki said...

Oh boy.

Oh boy oh boy.

I have no idea on this one. You're already doing any of the advice I could give.

With my first child, I Potty Trained, and she wasn't truly trained until about 3.

With my second, I completely ignored potty training, and she trained at about 3.

So obviously, I have no special knowledge; I just lucked out.

I hope things work out easily. I'd go nuts if there were no poop from a kid in three days.

Bastet said...

We finally got some poop out! I read somewhere that grapes are good to some grapes and water and she couldn't hold it any longer. Now the trick is to keep her from holding it again.

Lots of grapes I guess! ;)

Thanks for the post! said...

Isn't it amazing just what conversations we have as parents that we would never have had before we had kids.

I think the last time I spent this much of my life talking about poop before I had kids was when I actually was a child myself. How the world turns....

Sheri said...

my niece had this problem. Even until she was 10 or so. It would hurt so she would hold it which of course just made it worse. I have noticed that if grace eats the canned mandarin oranges it cleans her out.

Mary Beth said...

Have you tried Mexican food or chicken wings? It seems to work for most everyone else! ;)
But seriously stick with the stool softener if she is packing in the dairy because if it hurts then she won't want to do it and she will hold it even longer. Talk to her about it, see if her poo-poo hurts and when she is eating dinner (at home) offer food that will help soften things up and but remember to tell her that they will help it not to hurt.
Also, there are recipes for muffins and treats that have lots of raisins, prunes, pears, etc. in them that may help. Just a thought!

Bastet said...

Toddler daddy - It seems like it all goes in cycles! LOL!

Sheri - I really hope we can resolve this before she is 10! OH MY!

MB - Thanks, I think I might look for those treats, maybe prunes in chocolate cupcakes...that would be golden!