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Monday, October 8, 2007

Recall Reaction

Here is my update on the recall email sent to my Senator and Representative.

Senator Casey has yet to respond. (If you are in need of a PR person, please let me know.)

Here is what Representative Todd Platts wrote:

"Thank you for your e-mail. I appreciate your taking the time to make
me aware of your concerns regarding food and products that the United
States imports from China.

I understand and well appreciate your support for increased inspections of
imported consumer products. The safety of our Nation's food and consumer
product supply is especially important in light of the recent discoveries of
tainted food and consumer products imported from China.

You may be interested to know that legislation reauthorizing the Farm Bill
(H.R. 2419) and the fiscal year 2008 Agriculture Bill (H.R.
3161), both of which were recently passed by the House of Representatives,
contain provisions that would reinforce the implementation of Country of
Origin Labeling (COOL) for all meat products by September 30, 2008. Both
H.R. 2419 and H.R. 3161 are currently pending in the Senate.

In addition, numerous bills have been introduced to increase safety
measures related to importation of food products. Specifically, H.R. 2099,
the Protect Consumers Act, and H.R. 2108, the Human and Pet Food Safety Act,
would require the Department of Health and Human Services to cease
distribution of a food that has found to have reasonable probability of
contamination, recall the food, and provide notice to consumers. Another
bill, H.R. 1148, the Safe Food Act, would implement federal food safety
inspection, enforcement, and research efforts to protect the public health.
All three of these bills are currently pending before the House Energy and
Commerce Committee for consideration. Rest assured that I will keep your
thoughts in mind when and if these or related bills come before the
House of Representatives for a vote.

Thank you again for making me aware of your opinions.
I hope that you will continue to keep me informed about issues that are
of importance to you in the future. Best Wishes.

Todd Russell Platts
19th District, Pennsylvania"

Well, at least he responded. My second thought is, does he think this is my concern or opinion? Big difference. The definition of Opinion is a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter. I don't recall the tainted toys being distributed to children around the country a view or a judgment? Last time I checked it was an actual fact. Maybe the next letter, Rep Platts PR staff will take the issues a little more seriously...stay tuned.

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Jan & Stu said...

Congressman Platts is also my congressman. I have written to him many times and all his response form emails address my "concerns" and "opinions." I have never written a follow-up letter to see if his response is a little more to the point. While I am sure our representatives are inundated with emails, phone calls and letters, I do think we all deserve more direct answers to our communications.

I enjoyed reading your blog!