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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Weekend Steals and Deals

There is nothing like the timeless classic toys that we grew up with...and now you can share them with your kids too. Remember that Fisher Price Clock or the dog or duck pull toys? Ahh, yes, those were the good ol' days...

When I was a little girl all I wanted for Christmas was an easy bake oven. I really can't tell you why this "light bulb" oven had such an appeal on me, obviously it didn't hold much for my parents, hence the reason Santa neglected to leave it under the tree. But hey, I still love to bake and that is rubbing off on my little girl...I know they can use mommy's pans for baking, but what about these perfectly sized pans for your little baker? At least you can be rest assured these can't catch fire, well at least we hope!

And once you have worn yourselves out playing and baking, snuggle up with this ultra-cute blankey. I love the simple designs and isn't the frog the cutest!

Happy Weekend shopping!


Jill said...

Isn't it funny how we all have those toys we remember wanting so desperately? I mean I guess it's probably for the best - building character and all. But as far as my own kids go, I have a hard time sometimes distinguishing WHICH thing is the one they really want out of all the stuff out there. I sometimes wonder which one it is that will be their memory like that.

For me it was a sit and spin. I wanted one of those things SO BADLY!!! And now I can plainly see why my mom wouldn't get it. I mean aside from the fact that you can spin around in a circle perfectly well without a toy, I sort of wonder if a toy that encourages dizziness is like promoting drunkenness later in life or something.

Bastet said...

I had a sit and spin and I can see your point...a toy that makes kids so dizzy they can't stand up...LOL.

What makes me dislike that one even more now, the toy companies added sound to it. Like we need more annoying toys with sound!

Jill said...

I got to a point where I *never* bought my kids ANY toys with batteries & if they were given battery toys, I didn't replace the batteries once they ran out. :-)

Bastet said...

I am guilty of buying the electronic toys for my daughter, however, I too don't replace the batteries once they run out. ;)