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Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend Steals and Deals

Surprise! I am posting Weekend Steals and Deals a day early due to catching up on my daughters 1st year scrapbook at a crop tomorrow...and yes, I am a lot behind. ;)

Because I am in "Scrapper" mode, I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of my daughter's art pieces...since she could be the next Van Gogh. So with much thought and a little internet search, I uncovered some neat ideas. A calendar would be a great edition to my kitchen or office and would even make a great gift for the grandmothers.

Or create your very own fairy tale book...with your child's name and all! And if that one is too girly, maybe this one would suite boys better.

And from scrapbooking to eating (2 of my favorite things), after I saw this on the goodyblog site, I had to share it with you...because well, I love baking and um cake. These are really cute popsicle cakes and I'd imagine that any toddler or little kid at heart, would love eating it too.

Per a request I have found a local "yard sale" for those who live near Linglestown, this weekend -- actually starting today -- is the Kids Market, loaded with nearly new clothes, toys and other baby stuff.

A thoughtful Friday note...
The funniest thing happened on the way to the toy store...Mattel apologized to China. I have to agree with the blogger at SNAFU-ed, what kind of marketing trick are they turning this time? Maybe tomorrow Mattel can apologize for the rising gas prices, global warming and the Iraq war?


Jill said...

My brother did the calendar one year. It's neat but it's only good that one year. I like the refrigerator magnet ones - mine are already five years old & still look great on the fridge!

Bastet said...

Where did you find the magnet one?

Michelle said...

I am totally into baking--love that popsicle pan! Are you going to make them and post pics? :-D

Bastet said...

Yes, I will!