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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Identity crisis

Breaking news...I am no longer "Momma" or "Mommy." I have now taken on the alias, "Honey."

This according to my 2-year-old girl whom I call "Jelly-Bean." For the past week, my daughter has said, "No Tank ou, Honey." "Honey, look at dis." "I kiss it, all better Honey?" and my personal favorite, "Sorry Honey."

I can't quite figure out where she picked this up, ok so maybe it was from me. You never realize what you say, until your little mini me starts repeating you. And of course now, because I had to laugh, she now thinks she is being cute...which in fact she is.

Have you experienced your child calling you a name other than "Mommy"?


Anna said...

I don't have a child but my nephew does exactly as your child. He has been calling his father "honey" forever. Until now, and he's turning eight. I think it's sweet and hilarious and unique, being called "honey" by your kid. =)

Jill said...

Very funny! No, I think my kids more or less stick to "Mama"...of course I call them Sweet Pea and Wooby-berry.

Cute picture! Such pretty eyes!

bam said...

my daughter calls my husband, "darling" all the time, or sometimes by his first name, or sometimes combining both! I'm not sure if we should be stopping her but we did try to ask her to say "daddy" instead. Sometimes it's quite funny because she'll shout this in public and friends and strangers will give us looks.

Bastet said...

That is cute, thanks for the comment bam.