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Monday, September 17, 2007

Walking in Toyland

As my Grandma used to say, "What a load of blarney!" The top execs at toy company's are now emerging from this latest toy recall spat saying, "Ok, we will make top quality toys for you, in exchange that you can pay top dollar." This according to recent toy company report.

I can't even believe that they are taking advantage of consumers in this way. Not every toy was recalled, so why, on average, is the cost going up on every single toy by $1-$2? And of course leaving me with the question, why weren't the toy company's taking these precautions to begin with? Honestly! The nerve of the CEOs, taking advantage of the situation!

Here is the scenario: toy gets tested, found lead paint, reports to the CEO, calls for voluntary recall, parents throw-out toys and get no refund, parents forced to buy more toys for crying kids, toy company's decide to raise prices on toys right before Holiday Season, CEO makes more money. In short, it is called price gouging. Am I close?

So, listen up, buy your toys for the Holiday season now, cause in a few months prices are going to inch upward...but hey it is only because the toy company CEO wants to keep you safe...Really.


Sheri said...

we are on the same soap box this week. LOL It really is ridiculous isn't it?

Bastet said...

Yes! LOL

Jill said...

After reading your blog, I'm glad I don't buy many toys!!!!! My daughter really almost NEVER played with toys. My son always loved them but really sticks to either legos or playmobil these days. And really since both those are on the expensive side, he more or less has to play with the ones he already has!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Bastet said...

jill I hope I am not turning people away from toys...LOL. I guess I am being the toy watchdog...these companies need to start cleaning up their act!