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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Weekend Steals and Deals

I thought I would begin the weekend off with some cool shopping...So this is your first edition of Parenting Tales "Weekend Steals and Deals."

First we are going to start off with something for your little one...Whether they go to day care or just enjoy taking naps out of their bed, these nap mats are really cool. They are cushioned with a pillow and have a fleece blanket sewn on, and for convenience you can roll them up and store them easily thanks to Velcro. And what a great price! And if you want one personalized, for a couple more dollars, check out these nap mats, we have the lazy daisy. I love them!

Old Navy is having a sale right now, 25% off baby, kids and free shipping. And Gap is finally back online, with Old Navy, Banana Republic and Piperlime.


Jill said...

Oh yeah my preschoolers bring those to put on top of the plastic nap mats. They're more convenient to store than the blankets and pillows.

Shawn in Mamaland said...

Hey! Great to meet you. This is a great idea, by the way. I always need to know more about sales. And, yard sales. I'm out of the loop. Thanks for visiting Mamaland at Central Penn Parent.

Bastet said...

Jill - The nap mats are probably better to get personalized...easier to identify which kid it belongs to. :)

Shawn - Thanks for stopping by.