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Monday, September 10, 2007

Twick or Tweet

Do you smell that? The sweet smells of candy apples, fresh dropped fall leaves and lots of sugar to keep your toddlers wired for the next 6 months? The ghost and ghouls will be out soon "twick or tweeting."

I am usually pretty organized with planning events, birthdays and well costumes for my jelly-bean, unlike anything else in my usually procrastinated world. We actually started planning her Halloween outfit this past summer, while on our trip in Baltimore. We picked up the cutest crab hat and planned on making her a crab...but plans changed. Since then jelly-bean got a horse, you know the kind on a stick - of course not the real thing - she isn't that spoiled!

Her favorite thing to do is gallop around the house with her horse. So, we asked her, do you want to be a crab or a cowgirl for Halloween? And she answered, "I be a cow." After a chuckle, I was on a mission to find the cowgirl staples, of course in pink.

I have yet to get the hat and vest, but know I will find a deal on it shortly. There are so many cute costumes out there, ones that are pre-made and ones that are mommy-made...what are you dressing your little ones in this year...or what cute costumes have you seen?


Sheri said...

Grace is a sucker for the elmo costumes. But I don't think we will be dressing her up this year. I don't really know where I would take her that wasn't door to door. I think that might freak her out.LOL

Bastet said...

ah yes, elmo. my girl loves elmo too.

Jill said...

Oh dear - I tend not to think Halloween until at least October 29th...I've always made the kids' costumes though. Not sewing, but just putting together stuff. Of course, since my daughter's 12 a lot of cute costumes started coming out after she was already too old for them. I made her into an M&M one year by putting her into blue leggings, putting a blue onsie over the leggings, stuffing the onsie full of tissue or cotton batting or something & then cutting and M out of felt & sticking that to her tummy. Another year she happened to have a red dress w/polka dots that made a perfect mini mouse.

Bastet said...

So cute! I remember some of the costumes my mom & brother favorite was Ms. Pac Man. They made it out of cardboard and I wore black tights and leotard.

I saw a kid dressed up one year as a "chick magnet." He was a magnet with peeps glued to it.