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Monday, June 25, 2007

Feed a Cold?

As most parents can relate, when your child is suffering through the night with a cough and a runny, stuffy nose, you’ll do anything to help them get a decent nights sleep - let alone - get your own shut-eye.

Our little jelly-bean has been suffering with a cold or maybe a few colds, I think since the middle of May. I am not a believer in giving my child medicine every time she gets the sniffles, but will do so if she is miserable and can’t sleep. Lately, all I have been treating her with is a humidifier and saline nose spray with a good suction here and there. That is after talking to my doctor’s office back in May when they told me “absolutely no Dimetapp!” And of course, since I have been giving Dimetapp to my child since she was about 6 months old I had to ask, “why?”

Apparently back in March (I am ashamed to admit - I missed this news story), the FDA deemed cold medicines dangerous to children under the age of two.

Of course this is not just Dimetapp, it includes all cold medicines.
So, don’t be afraid to check with your pediatrician or pharmacists before giving any medicine to your baby.

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