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Friday, June 22, 2007

For the love of my sanity!

Tantrum update:

So, it has been about a month and it seems that the tantrums have been pretty well contained. I have been trying to take more creative approaches...I mean sometimes even a well fed, un-tired and bored child is going to just throw themselves down and kicking and screaming.

Today, I took my little jelly-bean to the playground, we visited for an hour, but soon it was time to go grab dinner. I gave the appropriate toddler warning, "one more slide and we have to go." As we headed towards the car, jelly-bean decided to stop and watch the other kids, bottom lip hanging way out. It took a while to actually get her into the car, and a little fight getting the seat belt on, but threatening to take away her stuffed puppy did the trick. Something really important to her. I know it sounds mean, but hey, she kept her puppy and I kept my sanity. As we drove away she started to whimper, "slllidddeee mommy, slide." I replied "Yes honey, we will slide, but we will slide tomorrow." That seemed to be pretty effective.

Can't say that I have mastered tantrums yet, but I feel like I have a better understanding of it...for now! :)

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