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Sunday, September 7, 2008

MIA for a little while.

It has been a tough week. I haven't really felt all that much like writing or sitting in front of the computer.

Emotionally, first I was angry. Angry at God, angry at everyone. Now I am numb. I guess I am going through the cycles. Physically I am feeling better. I fortunately didn't require a D & E, but I don't know if that is necessarily fortunate.

My doctor, who is really awesome, still believes that we are a healthy couple who will have another baby someday soon. He openly admitted that sometimes it isn't a science but an art, art of higher beings...we just don't have control. I think deep down I know it is true...but how can it happen like this? I struggle with the thought of all the babies born unwanted and dumped in the trash. Why are they given to people who never wanted them in the first place, instead of families who will love and nurture them into wonderful adults?

So, now we will wait another 2 months until we can try again, which puts us at a year. We began trying in November 2007.

I may be MIA for a bit longer, I may come back in a few days...Just don't count me out. And thanks to those who sent emails...I really do appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

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Jozet at Halushki said...

Oh no!!!!

Oh no oh no oh no oh no!!

I am so so very sorry to hear this.

Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers.