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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yes Dear, they are shot-happy!

Jelly had her 3-year appointment the other day. Hubby braved this one on his own. Although, unlike most children, my child loves going to the doctor. She even asked if she could go.

In fact, she often asks for medicine too...which could lead one to think that either she is going to be a doctor one day or a pharmacist...(come on, what'd you think I was going to say, geesh!)

So the morning of her appointment I prepped her for going to see the doctor.

me "Jelly, you are going to see the doctor today."
Jelly "I am? I not sick mommy."
me "I know you aren't sick, but sometimes we go when we are get a check-up."
Jelly "Ok. Are they going to give me a shot?"
me (remember what the doctor said last year) "Nope, you don't need that until your a couple years older."

Fast forward to a couple hours later.

Hubby calls to tell me how the appointment went...everything appeared fine, the doctor recommended we enter Jelly into some sort of play group outside of day care...and she got a shot. HUH?!

Ok, here is the background...back in 2007, the doctor offered a Hep A shot. I originally had signed the consent form...and before the doctor gave the shot...she double checked that it was ok. Because as sleepless parents it is easy to confuse oneself between Hep A and Hep B. Hep A is not mandatory...well at least not yet. Hep B is. After finding out more about it, we refused the shot. Giving her a nice shot-free break until Kindergarten. But now according to Jelly's records, she did get it (in the left thigh to be exact). However, Hubby and I (as witnesses) know she never got it...well until now. She got the second she is half immune.

My heart sank. "I told Jelly that she wasn't getting a shot." I said to hubby. Hubby "Don't worry, she took it like a trooper. It wasn't until she was in the car that she said, 'Daddy that shot hurt. I don't like shots.'"

My Poor Baby!

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AZMom said...

Both of my kids have been vaccinated against Hep A and Hep B. Better to be safe than sorry. :-)