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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grocery Store horrors

Ahhh, feeling quite refreshed...but somehow a week never seems long enough, and of course with a 3-year-old, I need a vacation from my vacation.

So today was a catch-up day...a day for loads of shopping. Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe the grocery store. I really do. It rates up there with cleaning my shower. (I know, one would think toilet would top the "most hated chores list" but no, toilet is easy...shower is not) But back to the grocery store...

We have 3 grocery stores in our area...2 powerhouse stores and one kind of "mom and pop" shop. The one grocery store, Wegmen's, I personally find over-rated. I went one time and became overly frustrated with how big the store was and how little they offered. The other, Giant, is the one my mom used to shop frequently - as I do, mainly due to it offering a little bit more than the other smaller store.

So I went grocery shopping today, while Jelly Bean napped (ahhh, yes), and after picking up my few items that is priced at a million dollars...seriously a gallon of milk is almost $4.00! Outrageous! But hey, I did get a 20 cent discount on my gas.

Ok, so as I approach check-out a lady comes out of no where, "Can I help unload your cart." (take note, that wasn't a question) and reaches in my cart and starts grabbing items. "No, thanks." I say. Yes, anal-me has a particular way of loading the conveyor belt. Of course, that is because I am trying to help the bagger put the items in my bags properly. Which they never do.

I usually ask for paper (Yes, I am one of those - but seriously, the plastic is using more which is actually better? Besides, I am slowly converting to my own cloth bags). When I ask for plastic, they put two items in a bag and give me 20 bags...ridiculous! And now when I ask for paper, they cram everything into 4 bags.

Yet, that isn't what irritates With all the food-borne epidemics that we are experiencing lately, I think I finally know the cause! Yes that is right, blame your baggers...or really maybe your grocery store managers for not properly training these kids.

In the past several months I have had baggers place my fresh produce on top (even below) my raw meat. Can someone say ecoli?

I have watched in horror as they placed bathroom cleaner in with my breads. Mmmm, would you like some peanut butter with that poison?

I have unloaded my groceries to, something that looked like it was used as a basketball net, to find smashed boxes, dented cans (which I may add is also a health risk)...

Ok, so I may be a little retentive about my groceries...but now you understand why I hate grocery shopping.

Note to time plan a 2-week vacation!


Stepherz said...

Oh, I'm with ya Sista. In my area, we have one tiny, really expensive, dirty grocery store that offers $12 generic packs of diapers and rotten produce. Or, I can drive to "town" (20 miles) to go shopping at WalMart "Super Center" (it's not very "super," in my opinion). Talk about bringing out the worst in someone? That place makes me psychotic!

And then 20 miles back home with groceries in the back of a truck in the blazing sun? Talk about multiplying bacteria.

The joys on small towns! I obviously had some grocery store horrors I needed to get off my chest too! :-)

Jozet at Halushki said...

Holy cow! I think you are onto something with that bagging theory, and I'm not even kidding!

Yes, I've had chicken drip onto my blueberries.

And yes, I'm a part of the cloth bag fanatic group. And, actually, Wegmans (where I also dislike shopping) actually has some pretty nice cloth bags on sale. Buy them there, take them elsewhere.