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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Conversations with my three year old:

"Your my sweet little girl."
"No mommy, I your sweet little BIG girl."

"Daddy Rocks!"
"What about mommy?"
"Mommy Bites!"

"Tobee doesn't listen. We need a new cat."
"But other cats don't listen."
"...We need a dog!"

Yelling from bed, "I am going to sleep mommy, all by myself!"

Isn't three the best age?


Sheri said...

Wow she says a lot for her age. She must be really smart. Minus the mommy bites part. lol

I do not have a breathable bumper. I think I should get one. The first time I found him on his face he was also wedged in the crack between the bumper and the mattress. Very scary!!

Thanks for the suggestion.

Stepherz said...

That's adorable. Three year olds give WAY better conversation than most adults, I find.

Today I was working in the yard and Bella was watering the trees with the hose. I asked her to come water the flower planters and her reply?

"Mommy. I'm doing the best I can. I only have two hands ya know."

Can't IMAGINE where she heard that from...