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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bottle Ban

A news update on BPA or Bisphenol A, the FDA has recently stated that the levels found in humans is below the toxic levels as some had thought.

I am still a little skeptical, it is really hard to put faith into a government who bases their opinions on special interests groups needs and not the consumer needs.

We saw this happen with the lead levels in the toys...problems with our imported foods...and even with vaccinations that are given to our children.

So, if you haven't exchanged those bottles and would still like to, you probably should soon before they cancel that idea. But even if you don't do that in time, you will still be able to purchase the BPA-free bottles.

And just a side note, our neighbors in Canada are still banning BPA and lawmakers in California are still considering the ban as well...makes ya think...doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Oh My gosh i went to Baby R Us to exchange them and the people there were a bunch of you know what! But i manage to have 78.00 of credit and was able to buy 8 new bottle that do not have BPA. The bottles are sooo freaking expensive..GOSH..Rosie

Carey said...

I heard they are expensive...but the question...are they taking the used ones?