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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 going on 13!

Just recently, Jelly Bean has hit the "I am a big girl now and don't need your help so please leave me alone" phase.

(Wiping away my mommy tears.)

In the morning (and at night) while in the bathroom brushing her teeth, she turns to me and says, "Walk away mommy!"

Ok, so that wasn't so nice...but after a few days of inserting manners teaching her a nicer way to say it, she said, "I need some privacy please."

"I need some privacy mommy." You know that lump you get in your throat, the lip quiver...yeah, I got that.

My 3 year old is growing into a little lady...and what will 13 look like?

1 comment:

mb said...

13 will look like... "Leave me the hell alone. I hate you. You just don't get it!" With a slam of the door. And you won't get teary eyed, you shake with anger! Ha, I can't wait!!