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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You big bully!

Jelly bean has been visiting the next classroom up, Preschool, a lot more lately. She is expected to transition into that room in the Fall. And even though she is full of personality and has held the reigns in her own classroom as Miss Bossy-pants the big fish, in Preschool she is the little fish and object to other Miss Bossy-pants big fish.

"Mommy, J and A were not being nice."

"Why, what happened?"

"They said I was a baby and they were big girls, but I a big girl!"

"Yes, you are a big girl."

"I a big girl mommy, but they say I a baby."

She was really crushed.

And my civilized answer was...
"Well sweetie, next time you'll have to go find someone else to play with and ignore those girls."

And my uncivilized answer was...
"Well sweetie, next time they say that to you, you tell them they are big poopy-heads."

That'll teach them! Those big bullies!

1 comment:

Stepherz said...

Right on, Momma! I like the poopy head response the best.