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Friday, May 16, 2008

She is the lollipop kid

I really wish I could blame the weather...or even the fact that it is tv season finale time...but nope, it is just that piece-o-crap-computer-trouble-thing! I hope to have my issues resolved by this weekend.

In the meantime...Jelly was telling me about her day today, she was visiting Preschool again...and in our day care, they provide sheets letting us know how our kids do on the potty all day. When I asked her how she did on the potty, she jumped up and down and said, "I stay dry mommy! I stay dry!" However, her sheet did not agree...don't get me wrong, cause she did in fact pee on the potty all day, but her pull-ups were wet too. And the deal was that Jelly needed to stay dry all day and use the potty for a special treat at the end of the day...And yes, our latest bribe is a lollipop.

"I want my lollipop."
"I am sorry sweetie, but you didn't stay dry all day."
"Yes I did."
"That is not what your potty sheet says."
"I know you tried honey, but you can try again tomorrow."
"YES I DID! I want my lollipop."
"Look a choo choo train!"

There was no winning this thing, so the first thing that came to mind -Redirect (Thanks Shawn!). I had to turn her attention to something else, and for the time worked! But as all the books say, you can't rationalize with a 3 year old...and gosh darn it, they are right!

Happy Weekend!


InTheFastLane said...

Those rewards are great, but they seem to want them all the time. Good luck with the potty.

Jozet at Halushki said...

Those 3yos trick you because they can talk so well so you *think* you can rationalize with them, and then I always got frustrated when they just. didn't. get. it.

We were both speaking English, right? What part of 1+2 does not equal 4 didn't you get, kid?

Shawn is right, indeed. Redirect, redirect, redirect.

The choo-choo redirect was inspired!