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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How about a nice piece of chocolate

A recent Blogher survey was released that claims that woman bloggers are willing to sacrifice their iPod, reading magazines and even drinking alcohol -- but hands off the chocolate! Only 20 percent said they would be willing to give up the chocolate...and we all know they are lying!

And it turns out, we must be on to something. You see, in another survey released this week, was about the "happiest places on earth." And it appears the Swiss top the list of those most happy. Go figure!

It seems that the "Swiss are efficient and punctual, comparatively wealthy and face hardly any unemployment. Their streets, air and tap water are squeaky clean." And of course let's not forget their natural obsession of chocolate!

In comparison, the US falls much further on the list...ranking in at #17.

Chocolate even has a positive affect on our unborn children. In a study (and also from my own personal experience). Woman who ate chocolate while pregnant tend to have much happier babies!

So, besides all the other great health benefits of chocolate, you now have another guilt-free reason to eat up! And remember, you are only making the world a happier place.


InTheFastLane said...

I new there was a good reason to polish off the rest of the Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Brownie Chunk ice cream :)

Shawn said...

This makes me feel a little better after I indulged in an entire Hershey's bar yesterday. Not normally my thing -- either Hershey's or a whole bar! -- but it was needed and it made me happy. : )

Carey said...

Yes, and if any chocolate companies out there need a guinea pig, they know where to find us! LOL