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Monday, April 21, 2008


Every Presidential primary in Pennsylvania has been dull...I never had a chance to voice my opinion...every time I wished I could have made a difference...And this year my time has come.

2 Democratic candidates duking it out...It is up to Pennsylvania. And my vote will finally count.

The polls according to MSNBC, among us Pennsylvanian hunters, beer drinkers, bowlers, and gun owners...Hilary has the edge. But they say she needs to win big. Thank god we are leaving the vote up to the hunters, beer drinkers, bowlers, and gun owners; and not those folks who cling to religion. (I can't help myself)

Seriously, I prefer wine and chocolate...who is going to poll me? Really? PA's Governor gets a call from a pollster from Quinnipiac University and I am still waiting for mine.

Well, I get my say tomorrow...and will show my Jelly Bean how it is done. Vote!


Amanda said...

Hello there from Angie's blog :-) Congrats on your vote counting this time! I voted for the first time this primary over here in CA, I was surprised at how excited I was.

Carey said...

Thanks for stopping by Amanda. Voting felt great, because every vote counted!