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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our little lady...

"Mommy, I farted."
"You did?"
"Yes, come here mommy."
"That's ok honey."
"Come here mommy, I want you to smell it!"

Yes that is our little lady.


Shawn said...


Well, at least she's considerate!

We get some funny things said around here all the time. Who said girls aren't crazy about farting and burping noises??

Anonymous said...

Can't wait till Ian figures that one out! That is hilarious...sorta! ;)

Carey said...

It certainly cracked her up! I think I was most shocked by her wanting me to smell it. LOL!

mb said...

She is your child (or Ang's)... Ha! Wait till she gets you to pull her finger!

Stepherz said...

That's funny! I'd rather smell a little toddler fart than a teenaged boy fart. Trust. My 13 year old can burn your nose hairs with his stink.

Speaking of toddler farts. EVerytime Bella tells me she farted, I say, "Good Girl." My grandmother, who raised me, used to tell me that "ladies don't fart". WHY NOT!? That's so obnoxious! What do "ladies" do with their air that "men" can't do!? Pahhh-lease.