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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Potty training - schmatty training

Potty training, more like Parent training. We are only kidding ourselves. Those toddlers have us all fooled. They can hold it, they can control it, they just don't want to do it. And why? Because you want them to master it...but they won't because they want to control you.

Jelly goes to the potty at day care. She stays dry for most of the day, but at home it is a different story.

"Do you need to go potty?"
"No, I fine."
"Are you sure?"

"I go pee, poop and fart on the potty!"
"You do?"
"Yup and Cinderella come to my house."
"OK." wondering how I would accomplish this...

A friend at work gave her daughter a princess party for mastering the potty. Castle cake, pin the tail on the princess (something like that) and all guests dressed-up like little princesses. I thought this was an awesome idea...and it worked for her!

Another friend of mine recommended an article she found on CNN about potty school. And basically touched on my daughters fear of the automatic flusher. My daughter is terrified of that thing.

"Its too loud mommy!" trying to run out of the stall before my pants are up...
"Wait!" Nothing like losing your dignity in a public bathroom!

We started the potty-journey 7 months ago, maybe, just maybe we will get lucky and Jelly will be using the toilet by her 1 year anniversary. Fingers crossed...


MB said...

Good luck!! I know that Bug is younger than Jelly Bean but we have been at it for at least a year... we are still working!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I am laughing so hard at this....guess I should take some notes, however. This will be Ian very soon. Maybe I should just let Bob deal with this "milestone." What do you think? FUNNY!

Carey said...

MB - every child is different, you never know what they will decide to do...especially with that Irish blood -- brewing stubborness!

Anonymous - Yes, let Bob deal with it! LOL. If we had a boy, it would be left for Hubby to take care of! LOL!