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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Planning the perfect, stress-free party - part 2

Here are the last five tips to take the stress out of the planning a party and having fun the day of the party!

Write the invites.
The invites should always include a RSVP date and phone number and email. I was kicking myself one night when I realized that I forgot to RSVP to a party and it was too late to call…Thank goodness they had an email address! Also, if you plan on serving lunch or dinner or just snacks, put in on the invite. Then parents can know what to expect.

Pick your menu.

Keep it simple. Toddlers are picky eaters naturally, so pick one of their favorites like pizza, sandwiches or hot dogs. Of course, be sure not to include any thing with peanuts to avoid allergic reactions. If you are just doing snacks – pretzels, veggies and dip, and cheeses are always big hits.

Pick a cake.

Ah yes, the cake. I blew my friends and family away with my caterpillar cake on Jelly’s first birthday. But on her second, even though it was just with family, my cake was a disaster! I wanted a red barn and silo. Well, I used 2 things of Wilton’s red dye and had a hot pink barn and my silo collapsed. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Jelly took one bite and spit it out, “I no like it.” While the grandparents enjoyed this, I was crushed. I swore from here on I would buy a cake…which may not be so true…we’ll see what happens this year.

And don’t forget the candles! Make sure you have candles for your child to blow out…One party we attended the poor kid had to use his brothers number 7 candle…he was only 4. I just had nightmares of how confused he will be when he looks back on the pictures!

Decide now.

Makes plans before the party whether or not you intend to have your child open their presents at the party or after. Sometimes they may feel overwhelmed with all the gifts at once, sometimes they are ready to dive-in. Judge it on your child's personality before the party and save yourself from any melt-down situations.

Write thank-yous.
Even though your child may not have the ability to write, you do! It makes all the difference when you thank someone for taking the time to pick out a present for your child. I even assist Jelly when signing her name. But be specific to the present and how much your child enjoys it. Just a short note goes a long way!

These 10 tips will allow you to have a stress-free, fun birthday party every time!

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