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Friday, March 14, 2008

Are you thirsty? -- WSD

I don't know about you, but to help kill the germs in my water I usually order it with lemon...ahhh so refreshing and sniff sniff "did someone smell poop?" Oh no, not to worry, the antibiotics and pain killers will certainly take that poopy water and make it better for you, right? Ah yes, what else can we plague our bodies with?

So much for those antibiotic-free cows and chickens...cause if the farmers aren't feeding it to them, they are certainly drinking it.

But have we considered the other ways we are polluting our drinking water? I remember years ago a study was done on antibiotic soap. Not only is it not good for your body, but when it gets into the water system and meets our disinfecting chemical chlorine, it causes a bad chemical reaction. That is one reason why I don't use antibiotic soap anymore...the second reason being the stories of children actually burning their hands with the soap because they were not properly rinsing the soap off.

Luckily for you, I have a soap solution that is people and environmental friendly. Yes that is right, roll-up those sleeves cause for this weekend's WSD we are doing dishes!

Curious and all on my own (I was not paid to review this product), I noticed this all natural dish soap on the store shelves called Seventh I picked it up and read it...It claimed to be free and clear of harmful chemicals that pollute our waterways. I was feeling pretty brave and bought some plus some dishwasher soap.

And the results are good. The dishes are clean out of the dishwasher and the stuff I hand wash cleans easily. The only part I wasn't thrilled with was the "natural" smell because it reminded me of cardboard boxes. LOL! But they do sell some with fresh scents.

So there you have it, one step toward keeping our water less polluted! Buy Green!

Happy Weekend!

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I used to buy the seventh generation dish detergent, but I could never quite get the dishes clean. I swapped back to the phosphate & bleach filled stuff & now I have clean dishes but a guilty conscious.

I've never bought the antibacterial hand soap, but I can usually get off pretty cheaply using plain soft soap. Instead I go for the organic peanut butter & if & when I buy it (which is almost never) organic chicken. Peanut butter is one of the highest in pesticides of all the typical kid food & my kids eat a LOT of peanut butter, so I'm for spending extra on that. And any animal is higher in pesticides than plant, so I spend extra for that.

Sheri said...

I really like their dishsoap. I use it on my hands sometimes. We were using their dishwasher soap but switched to whole foods brand. That is great that you stopped using the old dishwasher detergent. All of the regular stuff has bleach in it. Think of all that steam with bleach fumes spraying out of your dishwasher. Yuck! Definitely one thing to change out.

Carey said...

I thought the soaps worked fine...I never heard of the pesticides in peanut butter only rat hair! That maybe something I will have to switch...although Jiff might be hard to give up!

I never thought of the fumes coming out of the dishwasher! Yikes!

Sheri said...

We tried several organic peanut butters but they sucked. lol
I am so use to the creamy texture. So, we just stick to organic apples, oranges, milk, and, juice. Pick your battles right?

jurl said...

I think I saw this product on Ellen! I have a dear friend who keeps trying to green me up so I'll have to try this and make her proud.

Carey said...

Sheri - I hear that smuckers has a really great peanut butter, I am not sure if it is organic, but it is "natural"...we also have a place here that produces their own peanut butter, wonder if that would be better?

Jurl - Yeah! Let me know what you think.