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Friday, February 22, 2008

Where will you be when your TV turns to snow? WSD

This year has been a very bleak television year due to the writers strike. And almost a year from now, we have to worry about all our television monitors turning to snow. I just had visions of Carol Anne in front of the TV saying, “They’re here.” Creepy.

I don’t know about the rest of you…but our cable monopoly here in Central PA, Comcast Cable, has been preparing for the switch by calling (not once, nor twice, but 3 times) to inform me that they have digital converters so that I won’t be stuck with TV Poltergiest snow on February 17, 2008. Of course, for that great low-price of $1,000 per month. (Ok, that was an exaggeration but I really think that is where it is headed...As of right now they are raising rates more than twice a year and continue to take channels away.)

And the message was almost convincing enough to freak me out…OH NO, No LOST? No Hereos? No Private Practice…But even worse…No Sesame Street? Oh no you didn’t!

I draw my line at Sesame Street.

So, I was bound and determined to find out all the facts…and thankfully our trusted
Government has set-up an informative website.

On February 17, 2009 all television broadcasts will be switched over to digital format. Some TV’s (purchased prior to 2007) may have been analog-only which means one of two things:
1. If you have an antenna, you will see snow. (without the converter box)
2. If you have cable, you will have a picture, but it won’t be “digital quality.”

Our gracious Government is offering consumers 2 coupons per household, a $40.00 discount for a digital converter. You can buy more than two, but it will cost you.

And for shoppers deciding to turn-in their old tubes for newer HDTV ready ones, beware. Stores may still be selling analog-TV's so be sure to ask if the TV is HDTV-ready or check the box for a label stating whether it is analog or digital.

Just remember to research all your facts before signing-up for one of those cable or dish ploys to "upgrade now, before it's too late!" And that my friends is this weekends steals and deals...

Happy Weekend!

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Sheri said...

Cable has gotten so expensive, we can't afford it. We would have to pay at least 50 just to get basic. You could always come over and raid our sesame street DVD collection. lol Seriously, I think we have almost every one ever made. It is all we are "allowed" to watch anymore, says Grace.

Bastet said...

We have actually been watching more dvds lately than tv. We may have to soon search for an really is too expensive!

Sheri said...

We recently signed up for netflix and we love it.

Jozet at Halushki said...

We haven't had cable for years.

Well, we just got the very basic so my husband could watch the Superbowl, but we're getting rid of it again.

I just wait for all the series to come out on video, and then I'll do something ridiculous like stay up for 2 weeks straight watching all 6 seasons of Sopranos back-to-back.

But I do agree that Comcast stinks to high heaven. And I didn't even think you were joking with the $1,000 number.