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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What in the world did I do with that magic wand?

My daughter had a play date this past weekend and while the girls were running around in their princess outfits, I was summoned to put Cinderella on the TV. Little did I know, Cinderella was on-demand but after the thousandth time watching it, I had forgotten to "be kind and rewind."

Yes, it was a VHS tape from that 90's era, back when I thought "how great would it be to collect all these Disney classics and play them for my children one day!" Who knew the technology would change...and why buy the DVD now --the tape still works? As I painful realized that I had to rewind the tape, the girls didn't understand the concept, "Rewind." And it occurred to me, why would they? They will never know the concept of a tape (VHS or cassette), having to rewind something...let alone life without a cell phone or a hot (not air conditioned) house.

Just the other day, I read in Media Week, that technology will be such an integral part of their lives, that the things that we call technology are merely "appliances" to our children. Which is very true. And that then leads me to wonder, what do we call this generation of kids? The author coined the term - the "O.D. gen" or the on-demand generation. It fits as well as Cinderella' s glass slipper. My daughter wanted Cinderella - now, not to wait for Mommy to rewind...And because I am the guilty parent who caters to my on-demand child I just bought the Cinderella DVD before Disney locks it in the Vault for another 30 years (you know, in time for the technology to change yet again.).

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mb said...

She may not ever know the difference but at least you didn't invest in Beta tapes!! See... it could have been worse! Oh and BTW... I hardly remember what I did before I had a cell phone, now it is my only phone (and phone book)!

Bastet said...

Yah, I have Beta tapes...scary! Does that show my age?

Sheri said...

HeHe, remember having to talk on the phone without being able to walk around? You couldn't hide anything from your parents when you had to sit in the living room for all of your phone converstations.

Bastet said...

sheri-yes! I remember stretching the phone cord into a closet, just to get privacy!