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Friday, December 7, 2007

Wacky gift Ideas - WSD

My favorite part of the Holidays is enjoying finding the wackiest gifts I can that are out there, so for this edition of WSD, I am listing some of the best that I have found...

Grow a dreidel for those celebrating Hanukkah, or maybe grow anything for that matter! These things are really gross, you place them in water and watch them grow, you can even take them out and watch them shrink and then start the fun all over...

And for those people on your list who have everything and love bacon, why not mess with their head with some strawberry flavored gum that looks like bacon? Oh no, this doesn't taste like bacon, it is strawberry flavored...I don't know if the flavoring went wrong or they just thought it would be funny. Just the thought though, brings a little throw-up into my mouth.Yuck!

What is up with bacon anyway, here I found these bacon bandages. With all the cute Disney princesses and scooby doo band-aids, why bacon?

And this is for all of you looking for a maintenance free and cool, literally cool fire place, why not buy this dvd? $15 for a pretend fire...oh boy.

Ok, this one I just don't get...a telephone book booster seat. If I need a booster seat, isn't cheaper to just grab the actual yellow pages directory that I rarely use anyway? And what makes me more intrigued is the fact that they are out of stock?

Maybe someone can explain this one to me...maybe as an adult I just don't have the same imagination as the Bilbibo creator? What is this thing and what do you do with it? I have seen the pictures, kids wearing them on their heads, and sitting in them...but why spend $30 on something my child can find at home? Jelly Bean often likes to place an empty cookie dough container on her head and she likes to sit in boxes...a lot cheaper than $30. I just don't get this one...

What are some of the wackiest gifts you have seen or better yet, received?

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2 comments: said...

Now they are some cool gift ideas. I too love getting or giving impractical but none the less entertaining presents.
Of course everyone around me thinks it is foolish and childish (exactly why I love it!) so I guess I have socks and jocks to look forward too again this year.

Bastet said...

Thanks, I'm addicted to finding wacky gifts...sometimes I buy them for the sake of being original...sometimes just to be funny.