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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The madness has officially begun

Ahhh, nothing is like being caught-up in the middle of all the madness, the radio stations and television stations are well into their holiday line-up. You can't find a place to park at the mall, and you end up like vultures swarming the parking lots. You try to watch what you are eating but you can't resist all the snowman cupcakes and cookies...and swearing that your new years resolution will be to hit the gym. And of course, you'll be driving along watching people with trees strung so tightly to their automobiles...or at least you hope. Which means the Holiday season has officially begun.

December is labeled "Safe Toys and Gifts month." (Kind of ironic, isn't it?) But rightfully so. Here are some things to keep in mind, this holiday season...But maybe we should label it, December, let's be safe month!

Holiday lights are beautifully strung with care. Don't forget to wash your hands after touching those tree lights, unfortunately, California is the only state in the U.S. required to post lead warnings on the lights, and yes, they do have lead on them. I have yet to find a lead-free string of lights.

Save the world, don't destroy the trees. Pulling your tree out of storage this year? Again, wash those hands. Artificial trees may also have lead in them.

Oh mistletoe, how beautiful you are. Nope, no lead in this one, that I know of...but beware of your animals eating this very poisonous beauty. And mistletoe isn't the only one, so avoid these things to keep your furry friends safe.

Turkey for you, Ham for me. No lead here either. I could go on my tyrant about free range and kosher -- but I will spare you that rant, today. While Turkey is yummy for you and me, it isn't so for our furry pets. You should avoid giving the bones to your furry family members, the bones can break-down and get lodged in their throat or intestines...not only risking their health but who wants to fork out a couple hundred on vet bills right around the holidays?

Be sure to check out other Holiday safe tips on the PA Health's website, and check out these safety tips on toys.

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Sheri said...

I am skipping all of the decorating this year. No tree or lights. I pulled out some red pillows and throws. We didn't even send out cards. Oh well. My mother in law just visited and now I have to go and pack up all of the doller store/made in china junk she bought for my daughter LOL. thanks for the tip on the lights. I had no idea they had lead on them. said...

As I was the one left to put up all the decorations in our house I was able to at least make sure it was done carefully and not easily pulled down ontop of an unsuspecting toddler.
Although the difficulty for me getting things out of storage wasn't so much dirt etc but the all too real threat of finding poison laden snakes or spiders happily settled in.
I guess it is the joy of living in Australia's Blue Mountains - and yes I did have to kill one redback spider (it was either me or them!)

Bastet said...

My hubby usually puts up the lights, and I rearrange. It is usually pretty painful that day...lots of yelling...ah fun times.

Not a fan of snakes or spiders...but bringing in a live tree who knows what you'll find. I always end up with spiders...I hope they aren't poisonous!

Jill said...

I'm for a good free range rant myself - go right ahead! It's good to have company when you're fighting windmills. :-)