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Friday, November 9, 2007

Weekend Steals and Deals

It is WSD time...Not to be confused with Weapons of Shopping Destruction.

Since there is only 2 weeks until the official start of shopping for the holiday season, the shopping fairy is here to sprinkle some sneak peek savings your way...

Don't you just love the internet...what did we ever do without it? Instead of getting the black Friday ads in the newspaper on Thanksgiving day, you can now get them online - 2 weeks prior to Black Friday (BF day)!

Great for planning your shopping strategy. Hubby and I like to have a game plan to avoid the Shoppers-Syndrome, you know the "I-got-up-way-too-early-and-am-walking-like-a-drone-cause-I-haven't-had-any-coffee-yet." So whether it is Tar-jay or Macy''ll find the deals here and here!

Check back often, as they get new ads up each day...And Good Luck on BF day!

Have a great Weekend!


Kellan said...

No shopping for me this weekend - going hunting (*groan*) - I'll be shopping soon enough - love to shop for Christmas. Have a good weekend. See ya.

Shawn said...

awesome, thanks! i think i might hit the stores a little this year unlike past years. i may even live blog about it.

Bastet said...

Kellan - good luck hunting!

Shawn - that sounds BF blog. lovin it!