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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Letter to Mommy and Daddy

Dear mommy and daddy I don't know if you have been keeping track, but I am 28 months old and I have decided to be my own person, independent from you. So, here are my new rules:

1. For now on, I will dress myself because there is no such thing as putting something on inside out or backwards, I personally like my shoes on the wrong feet.

2. I will not wear clothing laid out for me, don't bother giving me a choice between two, I will choose something completely different.

3. I don't care if I don't own a "red" shirt, I want to wear a "red shirt!" See Rule #2.

4. I don't want to use the potty, in fact, I don't want my diaper changed either.

5. I will not sit down to eat as this doesn't fit into my playtime schedule. Occasionally I will stop by the table and maybe take a bite.

6. I don't like green beans, don't attempt to hide them or disguise them in things like mac and cheese.

7. Candy corn is too a vegetable.

8. If its mine, its mine. If its yours its mine.

9. If I see it, it is mine.

10. I am changing bedtime and naps, in fact, I will just skip it all together.

Love always,



Christopher said...

I work in childcare. This sounds exactly like most of the children I work with ;>) This is why it is so fun working with toddlers and pre-schoolers

Sheri said...

The moods of a toddler. LOL Here's mine:(just one rule these days)
1. I will scream at the top of my lungs when I am told no or you take something away from me.

Shawn at Mamaland said...

You mean the fun is just starting for my girls who are just 21 months????? No way.

Great list!

Bastet said...

Christopher, you mean they aren't perfect angels all day? ;)

Sheri, yes, that one should be added immediately!

Shawn, oh just wait! Everyday gets more interesting!


Jill said...

Aren't toddlers the GREATEST!?!?!?! :-) :-) :-)

My daughter Cassie was THIRTEEN months old the first time she argued with me over clothing!!!!! She was a prodigy I tell 'ya! I had signed her up as a model but she couldn't do it long - would cry too hard because she didn't like the clothing she had to wear to be in the fliers!!!!!!!

I can't remember exactly when I threw in the towel on the whole clothing thing. I had to save my energy for bigger battles...

Good luck!!!!

Bastet said...

Jill - Ah isn't a battle I fight either, I can't tell you how many times I have cringed at the mis-match and I am fashion-challenged myself! LOL!