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Monday, August 27, 2007

Conversations of a 2-year-old

Today while we were driving home, I asked jelly-bean how her day was. "good." she replied. I then asked, "who did you play with today?" and she listed a few friends (including - we'll call her Morgan) and then said, "I no like Morgan, she mean, she hit me in nose. I say, no stop! walk away!" My heart dropped.

This is the first time my daughter has spoke those words that another kid wasn't playing nice. I was glad she was able to talk about it with me, so I could tell her she did the right thing. I will talk with her teacher tomorrow to find out more, but I am sure things will work out ok.

ON a lighter note...In the past few weeks, we have experienced a huge change in our daughter. The conversations, the singing, the pretend play, potty-time...she is changing from being a baby to a big girl.

Potty update -- Our daughter is doing well with sitting on the potty, but we are still working on having dry diapers...


Jill said...

Awww! I hope her & Morgan get along better and that it was just a fluke.

Bastet said...

I talked to the teacher today, she had left early that day, but said she would talk to the other teacher. I asked Jelly-bean if she played nice with her friends today and she happily said yes!

I hope it was a fluke too!

Jill said...

It usually is at that age. Holding a grudge is happily not a trait of too very many toddlers. :-)